This Blog is dedicated to People Living Over Landfills

7 Aug


Manchester Lakes in Alexandria Virginia was build on top of a Superfund Landfill. 

 How we found out……….

When my roomate and I were both diagnosed with a rare cancer a Liposarcoma, my doctor said that this would be very unusual – unless we lived where we were exposed to certain chemicals thought to cause Sarcoma’s.  Sure enough, after visiting Fairfax County Planning we found out that we lived over an EPA Superfund site, so designated in part because there were many Poly Chlorinated Biphenals (PCB- Dioxin is a PCB) in the soil.

We think its likely the exposure caused the cancers.  Landfill information is shown in the Documents section – you decide.

We uploaded documents obtained under the Freedom of Information Act on the chemicals that we got exposed to through the groundwater. 


What a suprize to learn we lived on a landfill. Did you?

7 Aug

During my first Job out of college I bought a condominium.  Little did I know that 10 years later, both me and my roomate (unrelated) would get diagnosed with a rare cancer, Liposarcoma. County of Fairfax